My name is Jen, and I'm a lettering artist, designer, and paper enthusiast. I live in Austin, Texas, and I'm a single mom to an amazing little boy named Jack. I grew up in Syracuse, New York, where I dabbled in all types of artistic pursuits from a young age, from drawing and painting to sculpture to making dreamcatchers. I moved to Dallas to study graphic design, and there I learned the art of hand-lettering and developed a near obsession with typography and print design. But the work (corporate branding, ad campaigns, etc.) wasn't exciting to me, and as the industry moved further away from print and more to web, I found myself losing interest. I missed working with my hands, as all my work was being done on a computer. 

After moving to Austin in 2011, I started working as a consultant in a stationery boutique. This was my lightbulb moment: there still exists a world where people exchange heartfelt sentiments written in ink on paper. And ooh, the paper! The lovely tactile quality of letterpress printing on pillowy cotton paper makes my heart happy. Best of all is the feeling I get helping countless brides translate their vision for their weddings into beautiful stationery. 

I began Feather and Ink as an outlet for my love of lettering. Whether your style is sophisticated or playful, modern or bohemian, I can help you express your personality on paper.

I can't wait to work with you to create the little details that celebrate your relationship and make your wedding special. Contact me and let's get started!

Jennifer Dix
Feather and Ink

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